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More on Istanbul and Valencia (Spain)


Forgive my gushing but I am just coming off a long adventure and my feet have not yet touched the ground. Firstly, I am filled with gratitude to be having these adventures. Tracey, Joanna, and I felt blessed by the beautiful people we met while in Istanbul. Perhaps I am repeating myself, but so what. It was a love-fest, plain and simple. I continue to be awed and inspired by the warmth, intelligence, and talent I see when doing these trainings at home and abroad. And as magical an experience it was for me in Istanbul, so too was my experience in Valencia. I feel so giddy with inspiration that I am sure I sound quite manic or drunk (nothing to drink and I don’t think I’m manic). Psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, male and female, young and slightly older… so many brilliant minds and kindred spirits! It overwhelms me. I could easily imagine everyone getting together — my students and colleagues — from the States, Australia, Turkey, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Ireland, and the UK, and having a great conference, if not just a very good party. Perhaps this will one day be a reality. In the meantime….

To my Valencia guardian angels: Annette, Vicente, Doris, Paula, Nancy, Inga, Rachel, and so many others, you are so very dear to me. Thank you!

And again to my Istanbul angels: Eda, Didem, Nilufer, and Talin, I miss you. Thank you so much!




  1. Dear Stan, you remember this song: “words don´t come easy” ? well , in cyberspace, hugs are difficult to send , so there have to be words,
    and mine will seem a paradox : this was just the beginning of the training, but it could not have been more “complete” ImPACTante on all levels of interaction. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Annette


  2. Doris Montalvo says:

    Thank you Stan, it was a wonderful weekend.
    Besos y abrazos,


  3. inga says:


    Thank you so much for everything! I know you are very dear to me\us as well! 🙂



  4. Eda Arduman says:

    Dear Stan,
    The Tatkin family left their mark on Istanbul. Colleagues, students and our children are eagerly waiting your return. Thank you so much.


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