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Into Africa


Well it looks as if I’m going to Africa after all. After much debate on the subject – health, missing work, being unavailable to patients – my fear of missing out on something incredible has won me over. Much of what is difficult about this trip is the amount of work that must be done and now must continue to wait until my return: the PACT manual, this blog, a couple of papers, and planning of this and next year’s trainings here and abroad. All seems so unnecessarily overwhelming especially in contrast to doing a Safari, witnessing the migration of the wildebeests, and playing with elephants at the elephant sanctuary. After all it’s not like I’m going there to work with couples in Kenya. I have become so accustomed to working now when traveling that this seems frivolous.

Nonetheless here I go with Tracey and Joanna as they do something less frivolous like helping building water wells in some of the small villages there. I get to join them after they do that work. The upside is perhaps I will come back with something interesting or inspiring about couples work that I can bring to this blog. I intend to have a Wi-Fi connection somehow and so I expect to continue writing about couples and PACT even though I will be in Africa.

Until then….



  1. Sounds fantastic! Have a great adventure!


  2. Shar says:

    It’s going to be one of the best trips you’ve ever taken. The people are out of this world, and it’s something you’d never see outside of a National Geographic. Remember to say Jambo to everyone, and Jambo Bwana to the “Bosses”, and the attitude is Hakuna Matata – take it easy, don’t worry. You’ll LOVE it! The amount of game in the Serengeti is phenomenal. And watch out for the pombe (local drink) and Acacia thorns – I got tangled and had to take off all my clothes once to get out of one! I haven’t been back for almost two years, and I’m so jealous!!! You’ll have a wonderful, amazing time. Can’t wait to hear more…


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